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We are movie stars...


... as the Poetry Ride documentary was shown in Helsinki last Friday! In 2011, we had a really hard-working and talented young photographer Alisa Javits travelling with the poetry riders, and she made a film about the journey. Now it was shown as part of the Art goes Kapakka- festival in Helsinki. The idea of the festival is to bring art to the eateries and drinkeries of Helsinki. The venue for our film screening was Bar Socis, a bar that has been serving drinks in grand surroundings from 1913. A nice place for a night full of short films (and the strawberry cooler was really tasty)! You can see  what else was in the program in artgoeskapakka.fi

It always painful for me to see myself in the screen, but other than that I am really proud of the film. Alisa really got the atmosphere of the tour, and it shows in the documentary.  It is not easy to make something visual, like a film, from something so focused on verbal culture as a poetry tour. We are lucky to have a chance to work with Alisa, let’s see what other interesting things are going to happen with the film! I have a hunch that we might get to see it again in a bigger screen, but let’s see what happens and when... Meanwhile, check out her blog Alisa Javits blogspot

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