NGO Poetry Ride was founded in 2014 in order to organise and develop the festival facing new challenges and opportunities. The members of board are Jana Steinberga-Ranki (the chair), Katariina Suurpalo, Piritta Maavuori, Merja Aho and Jenni Kavén and the deputy members are Grete Ahtola and Kirsi Bongwirnso.

Become a member!

Though the NGO Poetry Ride is registered in Finland, it welcomes new members from all over the world. Anyone can be a member and share his or her ideas with Poetry Ride and support its activity. As a member you are always up-to-date of happenings of Poetry Ride. You receive by e-mail a newsletter 2-4 times per year and The Poem of the Month in four languages every month's first Monday.

You can join the NGO Poetry Ride as a private person or as an organisation. The annual membership fee for a private person is 10 euros and for an organization 100 euros. You or your organization can join Poetry Ride also as a life member (200 e for a private member and 2 000 e for an organization) or as a supporting member (100 euros).


Please contact Poetry Ride’s manager Jenni Kallionsivu jenni@poetryride.com and become a member already today!