Audioexhibition ”Poetry Ride” makes a stop in Riga

Audioexhibition ”Poetry Ride” makes a stop in Riga


The opening of exhibition ”Poetry Ride - the first 7 years” on 9 September 7pm at The National Library of Latvia. Live performances by poets Heli Laaksonen (FIN), Contra (EST), fs (EST), Inga Gaile (LV), Ingmāra Balode (LV), Anna Auziņa (LV), Kārlis Vērdiņš (LV), Eduards Aivars (LV), Valts Ernštreits (LV) and Arvis Viguls (LV).


The exhibition introduces 26 Estonian, Finnish, Latvian and Swedish poets, who have participated in the international poetry festival during its first seven years of activity. After touring in several libraries and other exhibition venues in Estonia, the exhibition heads for the first time for Latvia and poetry festival Dzejas dienas. Poetry Ride can be followed by listening the recordings of the poems in original languages as well as in Latvian translations. The exhibition presents also lyrical and cheerful photos and a short film about the shared tours. Make poetry connections with Heli Laaksonen from Finland, Contra and fs from Estonia and Inga Gaile, Ingmāra Balode, Anna Auziņa, Kārlis Vērdiņš, Eduards Aivars, Valts Ernštreits, Arvis Viguls from Latvia. These poets will present their poems in the opening. The event has been co-organized and sponsored by Finnish Institute in Estonia, Embassy of Finland in Riga, National Library of Latvia and Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia. 


The exeptional literary road spirit of Poetry Ride has united numerous poets, translators and poetry enthusiasts since 2006. Every time Poetry Ride heads to a new route and connect the new fellow travellers. This concept leads to an unique local and linguistic excursion to the poetry landscapes. According to the artistic director and one of the founder of Poetry Ride, Guntars Godinš, the idea of Poetry Ride arose through the enthusiasm and respect for the poetry and different languages. Poetry Ride, started up by Finnish Institute in Estonia, has gained many partners in different countries.

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