The Poetry Ride is a multilingual poetry tour with a goal of promoting poetry translations. The ability of poetry to reach out to the people and touch their hearts doesn't depend on the language it is written in. Translators are needed, so the poems could reach the audience that doesn’t understand the language the poems are born into. The Poetry Ride celebrates the translation and translators of poetry.

All the performances in the Poetry Ride are multilingual: the poems are read in the original language as well as to the main language of the place of the performance. Languages are very dear to us. Therefore we want to find the best possible translators to the poems read during the Poetry Ride. This enables the listeners to enjoy both the hearing image and the good translation of the poems.

The Poetry Ride is a series of public events. It is also a networking opportunity for poets. One of the best ways to get to know people is to travel with them. During the trip together the poetry riders get to know each other as persons as well as writers. The relationships formed during the ride bear fruit even after years.

The core of the Poetry Ride is mobility. It is not tied to a time or a place. The route and timing change every year, as do the participants. In many occasions there have been representatives of other art forms, such as music, photography or comics, travelling with the riders. The Poetry Ride is open to all ideas promoting the prosperity of poetry translation!


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